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'Podcast: Running Profitable Events' Flashback to 2013 and an interview with the Tropical MBA Podcast

For this weeks blog post I want to flashback to 2013 and a podcast interview I gave on the excellent Tropical MBA Podcast with Dan and Ian. I've been a huge fan of the tropical MBA podcast since day 1 and it's part of my Friday routine to get a blast of 'location-independent entrepreneurship' so I was delighted to appear on the show.

The interview came about by chance when I was across in Cebu, Philippines in 2013 on my first visit to the country. I had just recruited my first team members via Chris Duckers 'Virtual StaffFinder' and was across working for a week in Chris's co-working space Location63. It was just before lunchtime and completely by chance Dan Andrews walked in. We went out for a BBQ lunch and Dan asked me to recorded an interview that afternoon, which we recorded upstairs in an empty room for Chris's call centre with Dan balancing the microphone in a coffee cup.

Here is the link to the episode and please let me know any comments or quest…
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How to run an events company on (almost) completely free tools

I'm just heading back to Prague after a fun weekend catching up with University friends in Edinburgh. The photo above was taken in the BrewDog pub and as a huge fan of the company (and as a shareholder via 'Equity for Punks') I'm on a mission to visit all their worldwide far I've been to Hong Kong, London and Edinburgh.

Edinburgh, Scotland 18 Feb 2018
So for this weeks post I wanted to give a quick 'behind the scenes' look at a multi-event company, and the software systems we use to manage and promote all our events. I think this information is useful whether you are running one event a year, or 100's like us.

Three of the co-founders of EvensFrame work at AppsEvents, a 'Google for Education' partner who runs over 300 events annually quite literally across the globe....from Peru to Oman to South Korea. When we founded AppsEvents in 2012 we built the business as a globally distributed team (more on that on a future post), and almost com…

How do I check-in attendees - QR Codes and Web Check In

It is the morning of your event and you are about to welcome tens, hundreds or even thousands of excited attendees to the registration desk of your event!
You need to get them registered and through the door as quickly as possible to maintain an amazing event experience.
Setting Up The Event to Allow Check-in

From the Events screen head over to Settings and scroll to the check boxes at the bottom:

Check the 'Attendee check-in enabled' box and then 'Save Changes'.

Your event is now enabled for check-in!
Checking In Your Attendees at Your Events

There are two ways in which EventsFrame allows checking-in:
Website Check-inQR Code Check-in
1. Website Check-in

To register attendees from the EventsFrame website, head over to, select your event and open up the Orders>Attendees List. The list below shows that the first 3 attdendees are checked-in (shown by the green check mark).

Click on any attendee name to check them in, on the attendee screen at the bottom you w…