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EventsFrame Customer Spotlight

For this blog post we want to highlight some EventsFrame users who are using the system to ‘Host Awesome Events!’ Our customers range from small meetups to large trade shows but all benefit from our simple low pricing, ease of use and increased sales that comes from using EventsFrame.
DCBKK Conference - Thailand

DCBKK is an epic conference with several hundred attendees now in its seventh year. It attracts entrepreneurs from across the world who run what are known as ‘location independent businesses’.

DCBKK Use our ‘Site Builder’ to create a simple but high converting landing page, but also use our ‘Ticket Embed’ feature to list the tickets in their forum.

They also run a series of small events in different cities throughout the year, and because of our ‘unlimited events, unlimited attendees’ policy just pay a fixed cost of $470/year.

Charge up your PE Classroom meetups - UK

Charge up your PE Classroom’ are a series of workshops ran across the UK to help PE (PysEd) Teachers leverage t…
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EventsFrame Landing Pages

Landing Pages And it's here! Thanks to our awesome head of dev Simon, we are now launching landing pages to all accounts and events.

Every EventsFrame event will now have a customizable landing page for each and every event! But what really sets apart these pages is the simplicity with which users can create these pages. Beginning with your event header image, you then add the text describing your event and..well that's it! It really is that easy.

Your landing page is often the first thing potential attendees are going to see. Picture yourself as visiting your landing page, what information do you want to see about the event? How do you want that information presented?

The entire purpose of your landing page is to get people registered for your event. That is why EventsFrame has been designed to enable the transition from landing page to registration page as quickly and simply as possible. No popups, no external links. Just one single click and the tickets appear.
The event d…

Interview on the Tropical MBA Podcast

Lima, Peru, June 4th 2018
It's good to be back in South America to run an event in Lima, Peru. For this blog post I wanted to share a Podcast interview I did last week for the Tropical MBA Podcast. It was a huge honour to be interviewed by Dan on my entrepreneurial journey and how we came to start EventsFrame.
There is some useful info on the podcast for both experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs, and as always please let us now any thoughts in the comments below.
Link to podcast episode here
As always check out our Event ticketing and registration system EventsFrame....we know you'll love it!

Update - New Admin Interface - Streamlined Controls

We have loads of updates planned for the next few weeks and here is the first! Event Dashboard Navigation Improvements We have made several changes to improve the navigability of the EventsFrame dashboard for all event organisers.

Firstly, we have gathered together several related options into tabs across the top of any event administration screen. Each of these tabs 'unlocks' a group of relevant settings.

The "Event" tab provides access to the "Dashboard" and "Links & Embed" features:

Next up we have "Settings", where you can edit "Basic event Info" (dates, location timezone etc), the other two options are an exciting development being released soon - stay tuned!

The "Registration tab" unlocks the payment options (PayPal for paid events), ticket creation, "Discounts" and customised attendee fields.

The final "Orders" tab is where you will see your confirmed orders and attendee information:


How to get attendees to actually turn up to your free events

I'm across in Dubai this week running a free event so it's the perfect time to release this post. We asked our customers to tell us the number one topic they wanted to hear about on the bog and this was it! I hope you like it and please check out our amazing attendee ticketing and registration system over at
How to get attendees to actually turn up to your free events It's the problem every producer faces at some time. You’ve done all the hard work, the venue is ready, the catering ordered, the name badges laid out. So you pace around....and wait….and wait…. for the first attendees to arrive. You don’t know if everyone will come. Will it be 80%? Will it be half? Will it be noone? The first attendees arrive and you relax a little, but now much.
We’ve all been there. At our company AppsEvents we have run over a hundred free events, ranging from small promotional sessions, to large conferences funded by sponsors. Along the way we have learned a lot and ref…

How to run your first conference without losing your mind

Let me tell you about the first conference I ran, all the way back in 2012. It took place in Prague and ended up with 140 attendees. I had no team at the time and largely created the event, promoted, dealt with sponsors, dealt with speakers... and ran the event on the ground. Finding yourself wondering how to run a successful event right now? In this post I'll share what I learned then and along the way since.
AppsEvents (my events company) now runs 100s of successful events every year with a completely remote global team of 12 full time staff and a network of 100+ contractors. 4 Top Tips for Running an Event without Losing Your MindPlanning and preparation is everything and if you take just one thing away from this post, let it be to over plan, over check, and over obsess about every single detail!

Start everything way earlier than you think you need to. Order everything early. Triple confirm every speaker. Have back up speakers in case one doesn't turn up. Re-confirm your regis…

Business Software Directory Certifies EventsFrame with 2 Industry Recognitions for Event Management Software

18th March 2018. Google Offices New York City - It's been a great week out in New York City attending a Partner event at the amazing Google New York City Offices an we learnt a lot from the high production value that Google bring to every event they hold. So we won an award! Here's the details:
EventsFrame just received 2 esteemed industry awards from a top B2B software review platform! Recently, FinancesOnline’s team of software experts analyzed our event-ticketing system, and they came away impressed describing EventsFrame as a cost-effective and straightforward  platform for managing one’s events and easily make it more attractive to attendees. With this, EventsFrame was distinguished with their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018. 
FinancesOnline awards its Great User Experience distinction for best event management software to products that are especially pleasing to use largely due to ease of use in facilitating one’s work processes as well as an intuitiv…