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‘How to sell your events company’ with Steve Monnington from Mayfield Merger Strategies

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It’s something every event producer thinks at one time…. “I’d love to sell my events company.” But is it even possible, and who would buy your event or events?

On this week's episode of ‘The Events Podcast’, I spoke with Steve Mornington from Mayfield Merger Strategies. Steve is a ‘business broker’ for selling events, and his company handles the whole ‘Merger & Acquisition’ process.

This is an amazing interview for anyone who may be thinking about selling their event in the future. Steve is super knowledgeable on this topic and handles multiple millions in deal flow each year. On the interview we get into:

What type of events are the easiest to sellThe difference between ‘Conference businesses’ and ‘Exhibition businesses’When to sell your eventHow to sell your eventWho is buying events right nowThe role of private equity companies in eventsHow many times profit do events sell forWhat the sale process looks likeDoes the…
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John Mikton: We discuss the World of ‘International Schools’ and becoming a sought after speaker and trainer

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I’ve known John MIkton for over 9 years now and he’s been a huge help and mentor to me as I launched my company AppsEvents. I wanted to talk to John on the podcast as he’s a really interesting guy...A lot of listeners won’t know about the world of ‘International Schools, but John has used them as a way to live and work quite literally across the World and raise a family along the way.

John is one of the best people I know at building up his knowledge and connections to become an expert in a specific niche and we talk about how he did this.

He also is a sought after trainer and conference speaker so we get into how this came about. Finally John has been involved in dozens of conferences across the world so we discuss some things that he recommends that work really well.

In this interview we discuss:
His background and how he got started with International Schools How he used this job to live all around the World, including Tanzania…

Jeff Berwick returns: What is it like to double a conference size to 2000 people in a year?

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It’s great to have returning guest Jeff Berwick back on the podcast to talk about the recent ‘Anarchapulco 2019’ conference. This year the conference doubled in size to 2000 people which brought with it a new set of challenges.

Jeff runs a conference for Anarchists which is a hugely fascinating topic in itself, but this year there was a lot of drama which lead to a lot of cancellations before the event. There was the tragic shooting before the conference of a member of Jeffs community, plus the decline in Bitcoin price (many attendees had paid with Bitcoin and Jeff had not hedged against this).

However against all these odds Jeff pulled off a great event. He explains how he structured his committee to run things without him getting involved directly (Jeff is a true ‘hands off’ manager) and we talk a lot about how to get a team to run a large event successfully.

Check out our first interview with Jeff too about the background …

David Abrams - Co-founder of Demio on his entrepreneurial career and running ‘virtual events’ as webinars

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It was great to chat to David who is co founder of Demio - some really cool webinar software (that integrates with EventsFrame of course ;))

It’s a great entrepreneur ‘origin story’. David is one of the new breeds of entrepreneurs who have never had a job, and I really love these stories, as when I came out of college it wasn’t an option to start an online business but now it’s a viable career choice.

David had a lot of false starts including launching 4 web apps before he stuck with Demio and even then it took 2 years to launch it, so it was a real struggle in the early days.

We also learn about running virtual meetups, training and events via webinars and discuss:
How to keep people engaged with regular activities, quizzes etc. How to sell a virtual event using testimonials and social proof…

Dan Taylor on the ‘More Travel in Life Podcast’ talking about Managing Remote Teams & Events Around the World

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This week's episode is a bit different. I was delighted to be a guest on the ‘More Travel in Life Podcast’ with Jen Miller to talk about travel and business. I’ve always been fairly nomadic and been able to run conferences and training events remotely, and we discuss how I did it, and also how we manage a remote team distributed around the World.

I actually wrote a Medium post about how running live events are a great business for digital nomads which ties in pretty well to this interview.

The podcast is sponsored by - Effortless ticketing and attendee management with NO ticket fees and plans from just $20/month! Email with the subject line ‘PODCAST’ for a special secret discount code ;)

I hope you enjoyed the podcast and please leave us a review anyw…