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Coran Woodmass - How to get invited to speak at conferences

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I’ve known Coran for a few years. Along with his wife Leanne they live a fairly nomadic life, but often spend 3-4 months in Prague where we have spent a lot of time together.

It was also an interesting chat from a general business & entrepreneurship standpoint following on from my chat with Anton Kraly last week about Drop Shipping as Amazon FBA selling is a different but business model

We also have a great discussion about promoting yourself online including newsletter, YouTube/Facebook/Instagram video strategies to do week in week out, including how Coran repurposes content to all channels and his exact workflow.

In this interview we also discuss:
How Coran started by networking his way on to podcastsHow Coran bombed at his first speaking event in Hong Kong…. and this still led to Coran…
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Anton Kraly - Founder of ‘Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat’

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Anton runs the hugely popular website Dropship lifestyle where he teaches people to set up and run dropship stores…. a really interesting business model where you set up an online store with no inventory and of course run your business from anywhere.

In this interview we discuss:
What is drop shipping? And how it is a great way to make money onlineHow Anton structures his business with an office in Austin and a Philippines remote teamHow Anton runs annual retreats for his community for around 100 people in locations such as Thailand, Hawaii, Prague and more!What he’s learned from over six years of continuously running an annual eventThis podcast is sponsored by - Effortless ticketing and attendee management with NO ticket fees and plan…

The return of Will Kunhardt - Partner in ‘The Lost Estate’, an ‘Immersive Experience’ events company

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By popular demand we have Will Kunhardt returning to the podcast for the second time. If you didn’t get to check out Will’s first appearance and talk about his journey from classical conductor to ‘immersive events’ mogul it’s a ‘must listen’ so check it out wherever you listen to your podcasts. There's also a direct link below:

This interview takes place three months after the last one. Will has just finished an epic two month run of the Great Christmas Feast in London, an ‘Immersive Experience’ on an epic scale….every day for two months….so we get into all the stories while they are still fresh in his mind.

This interview is amazing in that we have some inspiring ‘big picture’ visions of someone building a growing company, combined with some actionable tips to get a…

EventsFrame Launch ‘Agency Plan’ - Help your customers run amazing events!

EventsFrame, the leading ticketing platform with ‘no ticket fees’ is today delighted to announce our ‘Agency’ plan for people who want to help manage events for their customers. 
You can add one or multiple EventsFrame ‘Agency’ accounts under your account and you will be an admin for all your customers events and can manage them centrally….. The great thing with agency accounts is that your customers can link their own PayPal/Stripe/Braintree accounts to receive payment directly for ticket sales.

It works like this:

First you need to have an existing EventsFrame account (this becomes your ‘Master’ account).

You can then purchase additional ‘Agency’ accounts that get added below your ‘Master’ account

You can purchase additional accounts for just $20/month and for this week only we have a special introductory offer - a lifetime 10% discount so just $18 per agency account

Click here to order your agency accounts. Right now you’ll need to sign up with a different email for each then fill in …

Liam Martin - Founder of the ‘Running Remote’ Conference in Bali

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Liam is the founder of TimeDoctor and and also runs the ‘Running Remote’ conference in Bali. In this interview we discuss:
How Liam started off with a plan to be a Sociology professor but it didn’t work out as he wasn’t good at teachingHow he started the conference by finding a niche that no existing conference was serving (a great tip for listenersWhy Liam wears his ‘Running Remote Conference’ t shirt every time he speaks at another conferenceWe discuss how not many people talk about the economics of running a conference (apart from The Events Podcast :))How Liam focused heavily on the financials to make sure he didn’t lose moneyHow you can get hotels to pay you 10-20% of all room booking feesHow to negotiate with hotelsHow he is dealing with local governments who want to pay to brin…