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How to run an events company on (almost) completely free tools

Edinburgh, Scotland 18 Feb 2018

I'm just heading back to Prague after a fun weekend catching up with University friends in Edinburgh. The photo above was taken in the BrewDog pub and as a huge fan of the company (and as a shareholder via 'Equity for Punks') I'm on a mission to visit all their worldwide far I've been to Hong Kong, London and Edinburgh.

So for this weeks post I wanted to give a quick 'behind the scenes' look at a multi-event company, and the software systems we use to manage and promote all our events. I think this information is useful whether you are running one event a year, or 100's like us.

Three of the co-founders of EvensFrame work at AppsEvents, a 'Google for Education' partner who runs over 300 events annually quite literally across the globe....from Peru to Oman to South Korea. When we founded AppsEvents in 2012 we built the business as a globally distributed team (more on that on a future post), and almost com…
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Who are we? Introducing the EventsFrame co-founders

Dan Taylor - 5/2/2017 AppsEvents HQ, Prague, Czech Republic

It's been a hectic week as we prepare EventsFrame for launch and this week we're pushing out new features for attendees to pay via PayPal and via invoice which our are looking fantastic. It's also been a hectic week personally  as I have been moving house...and this Friday a group of entrepreneur friends are heading out of town for a quarterly weekend of strategising and planning. And this time we are off to Plzen (called Pilsen in German) which is, you guessed it, the birthplace of Pilsner beer.

So for this weeks blog post I thought it would be good to give a quick introduction to our four co-founders and say a few words about how EventsFrame came about. I'm working on a longer post about the 'origin story' of EventsFrame, but the short version is that co-founders James, Dean and myself work together at AppsEvents. We're all Google and EduTech obsessives and run 'Google for Education' Summ…

'Podcast: Running Profitable Events' Flashback to 2013 and an interview with the Tropical MBA Podcast

Thursday 25th January 2018, Frontline Club, London

I'm writing this post from my London residence the Frontline Club. It's 7am and I'm about to get up and head across London for day two of the annual BETT show. BETT is a huge (40,000 plus visitors) Education Technology trade-show and it signals the start of our year at AppsEvents. We are coordinating training for Google, Acer and RM, so we have a large team on site with EventsFrame co-founder Dean Stokes leading training on the Google stand (see above).

For this weeks blog post I want to flashback to 2013 and a podcast interview I gave on the excellent Tropical MBA Podcast with Dan and Ian. I've been a huge fan of the tropical MBA podcast since day 1 and it's part of my Friday routine to get a blast of 'location-independent entrepreneurship' so I was delighted to appear on the show.

The interview came about by chance when I was across in Cebu, Philippines in 2013 on my first visit to the country. I had just…

EventsFrame update and Taiwan trip recap

Sunday 21st January 2018 - KLM Business Lounge Amsterdam Airport - en-route from Taipei back to Prague

Thats me in the photo 'rockin' the mic' at our Taiwan Google Summit ;)

I have spent the past six days in Taiwan exploring some new areas with my wife, meeting sponsors, talking with entrepreneurs, catching up with friends and making new acquaintances. The central reason for the visit though was for our fourth annual Taiwan Google for Education Summit this weekend, managed by EventsFrame co-founder James Sayer....It's important to emphasise again that we run a large GLOBAL events company, and crafted EventsFrame initially for ourselves. Myself and co-founder Simon Payne come from the SAAS world so we exist at the intersection of beautifully designed, usable technology and streamlined in person events.

So on to EventsFrame updates. This week we pushed two new features to the live system:

1. Invoices for offline payment - You can now easily create invoices through EventsF…

The quiet before the storm - 12 days to EventsFrame full launch!

Thursday 18th January. Taipei, Taiwan
I'm writing this post from my hotel room in the bustling Da'an district of Taipei. This is my third visit to the city but the first time I have had a free day, and we spent the day in the hills above Taipei, visiting a tea plantation and temple complex. Tonight we are heading out to an entrepreneurs meet up for the Dynamite Circle, a global group that Simon and myself are members of.
From tomorrow its back to the work of an events producer and we have our 4th annual AppsEvents Taiwan Google Summit coming up this weekend....of course run completely on EventsFrame :)
So this is just a short blog post to outline where we are and where we are going. Our roadmap for EventsFrame has consisted of three distinct phases:
Phase 1: Get AppsEvents on EventFrame. We completed this on schedule in September. We created EventsFrame to 'scratch our own itch' as we could not find any system that met the needs of muti-event producers. I can say withou…

Announcing our new add-on service to eventsFrame. Let us create and manage all your Event Websites

Monday 15th January 2018. Hualin Provence Eastern Taiwan

Do you want a concierge service to create and maintain ALL your event websites with unlimited updates? EventsFrame is delighted to announce today an ‘add-on’ service to our core product— EventsFrame+

At our events company; AppsEvents we run over 300 events a year in the Education Technology area. Our company is a globally distributed team with staff in the UK, US, Czech republic, Thailand and the Philippines. Our Philippines team is located in the fantastic city of Cebu which as an aside you should visit for the great beaches, eclectic urban life and friendly people. The Cebu team takes care of all our ‘back office’ support, including dealing with attendees, and all aspects of creating and maintaining event websites.

This is what lead us to launch EventsFrame+. Over our five years in business we have a honed and perfected a process to create Event websites, make them SEO friendly, and regularly update all site details such as sp…

The four reasons you should choose EventsFrame over Eventbrite

Sunday 7th January, Rauris, Austrian Alps
Eventbrite is the 800-pound Gorilla in the ‘events software’ space. It’s the system most people start off with when they first run events and we were no different over at AppsEvents where we used Eventbrite for three years. Eventually it became unsuitable for our needs (more info coming next week in the blog on ‘The Origin Story of EventsFrame’) and led us to develop our system, which we aimed to improved on EventBrite in three specific ways:
Multi Event Reporting - Eventbrite allows you to run multiple events BUT it doesn’t allow you to easily report across multiple events. As an event organizer this means you have to look at one event at a time. With EventsFrame you can filter, sort and report on any field across multiple events, and for detailed analysis our ‘spreadsheet export’ function means you can instantly look at your date in Google Sheets or Excel
Cost - This is a no brainer. Eventbrite charges yo a ticket fee of 3% on every ticket. Our…