Business Software Directory Certifies EventsFrame with 2 Industry Recognitions for Event Management Software

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18th March 2018. Google Offices New York City – It’s been a great week out in New York City attending a Partner event at the amazing Google New York City Offices an we learnt a lot from the high production value that Google bring to every event they hold. So we won an award! Here’s the details:
EventsFrame just received 2 esteemed industry awards from a top B2B software review platform! Recently, FinancesOnline’s team of software experts analyzed our event-ticketing system, and they came away impressed describing EventsFrame as a cost-effective and straightforward  platform for managing one’s events and easily make it more attractive to attendees. With this, EventsFrame was distinguished with their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018.
FinancesOnline awards its Great User Experience distinction for best event management software to products that are especially pleasing to use largely due to ease of use in facilitating one’s work processes as well as an intuitive interface and well-designed features. Meanwhile, the Rising Star award recognizes software tools that have gained positive traction from clients and have noticeably grown in popularity. These awards were further reinforced with our highly positive 100 percent user satisfaction rating on FinancesOnline. We encourage our users to leave a user review on their website and share your positive experience with EventsFrame.
We’re also happy to announce we’ve been included by FinancesOnline in their popular what is event management software guide. The review experts elaborated on the key benefits of EventsFrame. Some of the functionalities they praised include quick event set-up from the dashboard, sub-ticket creation, multiple discount tools, and our multi-event dashboard for a clear overview of all your past, current, and upcoming events.
Make sure to check out FinancesOnline’s review of EventsFrame and try our platform today to reimagine your event ticketing processes.


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