Coran Woodmass – How to get invited to speak at conferences

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I’ve known Coran for a few years. Along with his wife Leanne they live a fairly nomadic life, but often spend 3-4 months in Prague where we have spent a lot of time together.

It was also an interesting chat from a general business & entrepreneurship standpoint following on from my chat with Anton Kraly last week about Drop Shipping as Amazon FBA selling is a different but business model

We also have a great discussion about promoting yourself online including newsletter, YouTube/Facebook/Instagram video strategies to do week in week out, including how Coran repurposes content to all channels and his exact workflow.

In this interview we also discuss:

  • How Coran started by networking his way on to podcasts
  • How Coran bombed at his first speaking event in Hong Kong…. and this still led to Coran getting a customer!
  • How Coran got his first paid speaking arrangement (in Ukraine)
  • Coran’s hack for speaking to attendees after he has presented to maximise his contacts
  • The importance of networking with speakers and sponsors at the event
  • The reasons why Coran still speaks for free all the time even though he gets paid to speak

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This week our dev team was super excited to launch customised emails – a hugely requested feature! Also, the ability to unpublish events and close registrations and a custom note on the receipt were launched in the last few days.

The biggest news this week is certainly the ability to customise the emails that get sent on registrations and ticket assignments. Organizers now have the ability to create their own message and include information such as bank transfer details, ID requirements, specific directions, schedule links and many more. The merge tags allow you to personalise the email.

Both emails sent by EventsFrame can be customised – the email confirming an order and the email that is sent when tickets are assigned to an attendee who is not the orderer.

Next up is the ability to both unpublish an event and close an event to registrations. Both these features affect the visibility of the event slightly differently. If you don’t want any of your event details to be public then simply unpublish it, you can easily publish it again with the same control. Alternatively, the close registrations feature allows you to publish your event including the description, location dates etc, but prevent ticket sales until you are ready to do so.

Lastly, several organizers requested the ability to add custom info on the order receipts. We are happy to announce that this is now possible. Whether you need to add a unique event identifier or business address, this custom field will allow you complete flexibility.

Pro tip: The location of all the custom text, labels and emails is under: 
(Event name) > Settings > Texts & Labels 


This week our featured events are:

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