Custom Fields BEFORE Checkout – We Listened!

When we first conceptualized EventsFrame, our number one goal was to have the simplest event ticketing platform – with just email address, name and payment details you should be able to buy a ticket in less than a minute! Which is great and we have hosted thousands of events with many attendees this way – thanks to all your amazing events.

For many organizers this is exactly what was needed – increase ticket sales rates by minimising clicks at checkout. But…for many other event organisers, certain custom fields (dietary requirements, company name etc) needed to be collected before checkout to guarantee this information would be collected. 

Starting next week, we will begin rolling out an update to EventsFrame that enables event organizers to require the completion of custom fields before checkout. To achieve this the dev team had to go back to their cave for a few weeks and rewrite some of the core code to produce a solution that remains as fast and painless as possible.

The image above shows how this will look to the ticket buyer – after selecting their tickets there will be additional links to their attendee information. These attendee links will only appear if the organiser has created mandatory custom fields – if you choose to collect all info after checkout then you will still have the existing checkout flow.

The attendee links will enable the purchaser to distribute the tickets between attendees (in the case that there are multiple ticket types) and enter all the custom fields.

For the event organizer, the Attendee Fields options have been updated – each field will be flagged as ‘required’ or not.

As the features undergo final testing, we will begin rolling out the functionality to accounts starting sometime during the first week of September (next week).

In the meantime, we wish everyone a great weekend!

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