EventsFrame is Ready to Support Strong Customer Authentication

This week we are going to take a little closer look at the upcoming regulatory changes that are coming to European payments commonly known as Strong customer Authentication (SCA). These changes will affect cardholders and payments across the EU.

We see it as a positive move that the European Commission will be enforcing stricter payment authentication methods across the EU. Please note that these changes will only affect credit card holders in the EU.

What is SCA?

In simple terms, SCA will make payments more secure. By enforcing a second level of security (usually an online passcode), the payment is authenticated and at less risk of fraud.

SCA boils down to authenticating an online payment against two of three possible pieces of information:

  1. Something the customer knows  (eg password)
  2. Something the customer has  (eg credit card)
  3. Something the customer is  (eg biometrics – fingerprint)

What do I need to do?


The changes to EventsFrame will not require you to do anything and will be rolled out automatically. If you are using Stripe or Braintree do check out their documentation to understand how this may affect your payments.

What is EventsFrame doing?

EventsFrame is preparing for SCA enforcement by ensuring that our integrations with payment processors (namely Stripe and Braintree) are compliant. 

PayPal checkout is standalone, again EventsFrame will be compliant should any changes warrant a change to EventsFrame. 

Will my events be affected?

No, there will be no changes to any event.

Will my sales be affected?

No. All online payment processors handling payments from the EU will require SCA, by changing payment processor or platform you will not be able to bypass SCA.

There is of course the possible inconvenience for the customer when checking out – they are likely to be met by an additional step of security – which is why EventsFrame offers the quickest route to checkout with the minimum number of clicks of any events platform. Overall the changes will ensure greater security and less fraud – a benefit to consumers!

Some low risk payments will not be subject to SCA – these will be monitored at the payment gateway level (Stripe and Braintree) and based upon fraud rates and transaction value.

On the flip side, SCA should reduce chargebacks and fraudulent payments – which is of course great news to everyone!

I have more questions about SCA – where can I get help?

Visit the SCA support pages of Stripe, Braintree and read about the EU directive here. 

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