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anding Pages

And it’s here! Thanks to our awesome head of dev Simon, we are now launching landing pages to all accounts and events.

Every EventsFrame event will now have a customizable landing page for each and every event! But what really sets apart these pages is the simplicity with which users can create these pages. Beginning with your event header image, you then add the text describing your event and..well that’s it! It really is that easy.

Your landing page is often the first thing potential attendees are going to see. Picture yourself as visiting your landing page, what information do you want to see about the event? How do you want that information presented?

The entire purpose of your landing page is to get people registered for your event. That is why EventsFrame has been designed to enable the transition from landing page to registration page as quickly and simply as possible. No popups, no external links. Just one single click and the tickets appear.

The event description

Communicate very clearly who your event is for and how it will benefit them. Write out this description from your perspective, and then write it afresh again form the perspective of what this event will achieve for the attendee. Connect with your attendee.

Be efficient with your writing and make sure your readers have all the information they need, and understand how to register. From an EventsFrame landing page viewers need only click once to get to registrations. The tickets appear immediately and users can register without leaving the site to an external payment portal.

We hope you love our EventsFrame landing pages![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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