GDPR checkbox and Many More New Features!

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It has been a very productive few weeks at EventsFrame and today we are rolling out some very important technical features to support event producers. The new version is rolling out today with the following features:

  • GDPR checkbox / terms & conditions checkbox
  • GDPR standalone page
  • Event contact
  • Stripe payments credit card description
  • Live and Past Events

GDPR and EventsFrame

EventsFrame is headquartered in the EU and as such EventsFrame must be GDPR compliant. GDPR is the new EU framework to ensure that data on its citizens, and data processed by its citizens, is done so in a secure and transparent manner.

This release strengthens our compliance with EU data laws and ensures that anyone buying tickets is aware that EventsFrame will be processing their data on behalf of event organizers, solely for the purpose of providing EventsFrame ticketing services.

Every event will now have a checkbox that must be checked before a customer completes the purchase of tickets. This satisfies the ‘opt-in’ nature of GDPR regulation – requiring EventsFrame platform users to be fully aware of how the data that EventsFrame and the event producer will be used.

At EventsFrame we see this as a great opportunity to further great customer service and increase confidence in event organizers services whether customers are inside of, or outside, the EU.

At EventsFrame we see GDPR as a great thing – we are ultimately providing our customers a better promise when it comes to handling their data, and yours.

Lastly, you will now have a space to put your own terms and conditions page for sign off before a customer purchases a ticket. This allows you the event organizer to include things such as liability clauses or local law requirements for live events.

Event Contacts

Every event page will now list the event support email address – this will be ‘hidden’ to web crawlers and is designed to appear when the user clicks on the event organizer’s name. This contact link will appear on all checkout pages.

Stripe payments – credit card description

If you are using Stripe for credit card checkouts, this new release will ensure that the event organizers name will be passed onto the purchaser’s credit card bill.

Live and Past Events 

In a minor tweak to how ‘Past’ events work, and event will now move from Live to Past when the event is 14 days past the finish date.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Joe has now started a ‘franchise’ model for other cities where other people run the events and find the sponsors and keep 70% of the revenue. Also rally interesting that Joe does all this while working a full time job

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