How to get 100+ attendees to come to your meetup with Clare Kennedy and David Costello from ‘Founder Institute’

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Clare and David run the Prague chapter of ‘Founder Institute’. A pre-seed accelerator for startups. I met them when I was lucky enough to be a mentor at two of their recent events. For their first ever meetup the got 75 attendees, and over 100 to their second. I wanted to find out how they did this to see what listeners running meetups can learn from this….so I got them on the pod 🙂

On the podcast we discuss:

  • How their first entrepreneurial venture (a mobile app) went wrong
  • How they founded their own digital marketing agency and what customers they focus on
  • How they ended up running a local chapter of the Founder Institute
  • How they partnered with local entrepreneurs to gain quick access to a large local network
  • How the majority of registrations came from Facebook ads
  • How Instagram ads are still undervalued

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