Influencer Marketing and Social Media Marketing with Mariska Kesteloo, founder of ‘Word of MICE’

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The world of social media marketing is one I’m just getting to grips with so it was great to talk with Masiska who is an expert on the topic. She has worked not only with event organisers but with hotels, resorts and destinations which is interesting to hear about things from the other side also.

‘Social media influencers’ has a lot of negative connotations (to me anyway :)) but Mariska explains how to find experts in your field and how you can use influencers to make your event a success …even on zero budget.

In this interview we discuss:

  • What are social media influencers and how can you use them even on zero budget
  • Learn how your speakers are an influencer that you can use to support your event (Connected point: Check out the interview with Liam Martin and his tips on how to get your speakers to record YouTube promo videos)
  • The ‘MPI’ organization and how attending it’s meetups can help you build a career in the events industry
  • How to make a standard promo post about your event and give it to your speakers and anyone else involved in your event to promote
  • The importance of looking at social media as a conversation, not just you promoting yourself
  • Why LinkedIn is still Mariska’s favourite channel as it’s completely business focussed
  • Some great tips on how to connect with people on LinkedIn and use ‘sales navigator’ successfully
  • How to negotiate with venues and use your social media marketing to help this

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