James Schramko – Author of ‘Work less make more’ who runs ‘Superfast Business Live’ conference and ‘Maldives Surf Business Mastermind’

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James is the author of the fantastic book ‘Work Less Make More’ and owns ‘Superfast business’ – a membership community for online entrepreneurs. In this interview we discuss:

  1. How James spoke at his first event while still an employee and sold a $5000 course
  2. How his first event promised all attendees to have an online business up and running at the end of the second day – and achieved it!
  3. The benefits of taking a speaking course to become a better speaker
  4. His system to produce a huge amount of podcast and video for very few hours spent each week
  5. Maldives Surf Business Mastermind – How James gets a group of high level entrepreneurs on a boat for a tropical mastermind. We discuss the benefits of this type of event and why there are more and more of them
  6. Superfast Business Live – A conference now in its 10th year with 150+ attendees. James talks about how he plans and promotes this event and the benefits, including keeping in touch with his community, and getting new members

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More information on James can be found on his website: https://www.superfastbusiness.com


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