Jeff Berwick: An Anarchist who built a 4500 person conference in four years!

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This was the most fun interview so far for me and Jeff is a real larger than life character. Jeff is an Anarchist who founded the ‘Anarchapulco’ conference in Mexico which he has grown in just four years from a 60 person meet up to over 4500 attendees!!

Jeff gives a lot of great advice for people starting out building a conference, including:

  1. How to produce a lot of free content to build your personal brand and the brand of your event
  2. How he keeps his ticket price low to maximize attendees and help out the audience
  3. How Jeff and his team have an obsessive focus on giving attendees the best conference experience ever
  4. Why Jeff hosts his conference in Acapulco Mexico
  5. How Jeff speaks at a lot of conferences and this helps him see what works and what doesn’t work for his events
  6. To really ‘niche down’ with your event – it’s amazing how specific you can get with events
  7. How Jeff likes to recruit a great team and get them to take care of the detail of running an event
  8. As the conference got bigger how Jeff recruited a professional event manager
  9. Jeffs background….how he made and lost a fortune in the past
  10. Jeffs rap career 🙂
  11. Bitcoin price outlook

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