Jeff Berwick returns: What is it like to double a conference size to 2000 people in a year?

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It’s great to have returning guest Jeff Berwick back on the podcast to talk about the recent ‘Anarchapulco 2019’ conference. This year the conference doubled in size to 2000 people which brought with it a new set of challenges.

Jeff runs a conference for Anarchists which is a hugely fascinating topic in itself, but this year there was a lot of drama which lead to a lot of cancellations before the event. There was the tragic shooting before the conference of a member of Jeffs community, plus the decline in Bitcoin price (many attendees had paid with Bitcoin and Jeff had not hedged against this).

However against all these odds Jeff pulled off a great event. He explains how he structured his committee to run things without him getting involved directly (Jeff is a true ‘hands off’ manager) and we talk a lot about how to get a team to run a large event successfully.

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