Jethro Binns – Running a huge sports membership site, sports events and music events

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Jethro is a former professional squash player whose career was cut short when he suffered a career-ending injury on court. He used this to his advantage and formed, a successful membership site for squash players. In this wide-ranging discussion, we get into a lot of topics including:

  1. Turning an injury into an opportunity
  2. Starting a subscription membership site and bring profit from month 1!
  3. How to run sporting coaching events
  4. How Jethro promotes his electronic music events

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More information on Jethro can be found below:


Recently EventsFrame was featured on the AWeber blog and we wanted to revisit this powerful integration.

AWeber is an advanced integration that allows the syncing of tags from EvnetsFrame registrations to AWeber. Tags are a great way to do super advanced segmentation of your customers/subscribers/users and you then have the ability to send highly targetted followup messages to them.

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Once enabled, all your new event signups will be automatically added to your AWeber list/automation and the tags will follow across also (make sure these tags are in AWeber already!).

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