The four reasons you should choose EventsFrame over Eventbrite

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Sunday 7th January, Rauris, Austrian Alps
Eventbrite is the 800-pound Gorilla in the ‘events software’ space. It’s the system most people start off with when they first run events and we were no different over at AppsEvents where we used Eventbrite for three years. Eventually it became unsuitable for our needs (more info coming next week in the blog on ‘The Origin Story of EventsFrame’) and led us to develop our system, which we aimed to improved on EventBrite in three specific ways:


Multi Event Reporting – Eventbrite allows you to run multiple events BUT it doesn’t allow you to easily report across multiple events. As an event organizer this means you have to look at one event at a time. With EventsFrame you can filter, sort and report on any field across multiple events, and for detailed analysis our ‘spreadsheet export’ function means you can instantly look at your date in Google Sheets or Excel


Cost – This is a no brainer. Eventbrite charges yo a ticket fee of 3% on every ticket. Our pricing is simple and up-front. $100 per month for as many events you want! You can set any ticket price and have as many attendees you want…. This means no ticket fees ever. Remember this is on top of the money you are paying to PayPal (which both systems work great with)


Flexibility of ticket types and discounts – Check out this short video from co-founder James Sayer for a two-minute intro to our features. We run multiple events a year and we know the level of flexibility that event organizers need.


A beautiful UI – It’s simple, it’s elegant, it calculates the total order price on screen as you go…. automatically adding discounts. Again James’ video shows how this works.

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