The quiet before the storm – 12 days to EventsFrame full launch!

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I’m writing this post from my hotel room in the bustling Da’an district of Taipei. This is my third visit to the city but the first time I have had a free day, and we spent the day in the hills above Taipei, visiting a tea plantation and temple complex. Tonight we are heading out to an entrepreneurs meet up for the Dynamite Circle, a global group that Simon and myself are members of.
From tomorrow its back to the work of an events producer and we have our 4th annual AppsEvents Taiwan Google Summit coming up this weekend….of course run completely on EventsFrame 🙂
So this is just a short blog post to outline where we are and where we are going. Our roadmap for EventsFrame has consisted of three distinct phases:
Phase 1: Get AppsEvents on EventFrame. We completed this on schedule in September. We created EventsFrame to ‘scratch our own itch’ as we could not find any system that met the needs of muti-event producers. I can say without reservation it was the cleanest and simplest transition of any software system I have been involved with….mainly thanks to the work of my co-founders James, Simon and Dean.
Phase 2: Release EventsFrame for free events. We completed this again on schedule in December. The system is FREE for free events and we already have many organizations across the world using our system to run events,  including many school related events such as the ISTEC Group of School Tech Directors in Bangkok. We are passionate about EdTech and wanted to make our system free for free events from day 1.
Phase 3: Release EventsFrame for paid events. So we are almost there. From Feb 1st we will support PayPal and Braintree integration (Stripe coming later) and have a fully automated sign up process with a months free trial.  Important Note: If you are interested in checking out EventsFrame please head on over to and anyone who joins our mailing list before the end of January will qualify for a 30% Discount on EventsFrame for life!
So it’s heads down for the next two weeks until we launch. Our company org structure is simple. Just two meetings a week: One for marketing and one for development. Everyone works remotely and sets their own planning and agenda.
Dan Taylor
Co-Founder EventsFrame


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